Watch: Tigress Crosses Road With Her Four Cubs In Corbett National Park


Tigress appears from the forest in the Jirna zone of the national park to cross the road

New Delhi:

Tourists on a safari at Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand were able to capture a rare sight of a tigress and her cubs. In the video filmed by one of the tourists on Tuesday, the tigress can be seen leading the pack followed by her four children crossing the road one by one.

At first, the tigress appears from the forest in the Jirna zone of the national park and looks left and right to cross the road followed by her two cubs. After some time, one more cub crosses the path in quickly.

In the video, a tourist is heard saying that a fourth one is also present, who initially hesitates but crosses the road later. As soon as all the cubs cross the road along with their mother, the tourists are heard cheering for them.

The popular ranges of the Corbett Tiger Reserve including Bijrani, Dhela and Jhirna were opened on in June for tourists after a gap of nearly two-and-a half months. The reserve was closed for tourists following the COVID-19 lockdown in March.

The number of people allowed to go in one vehicle for animal safaris has been reduced from six to four including the driver.

During normal times, 60 vehicles, each of them carrying six persons, were permitted to go for day-and-night safaris in these ranges.

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